Celebrate Diversity, Bangor

Scream Blue Murmur & North Down Borough Council’s Good Relations Programme invite you to enjoy an evening of spoken word and music at First Presbyterian Church, Main Street, Bangor

7pm – Arrival and S African/Fairtrade buffet
From 7 pm  – DJ Tessa from BeatnTracks – world music (we thought it would be a good idea to have some background music as folks arrive and eat)
7.30  – Introduction from Good Relations Working Group Chair, Cllr Anne Wilson
7.40  – Wilson Magwere – Zimbawean Chant and Song
8.00 –  Moyra Donaldson – local writer and poet
8.15 – Scream Blue Murmur – music/poetry and spoken word group
8.45 –  Music from DJ

9.00 – Close

Celebrate Diversity (Love Poetry Hate Racism) 2010

Love Poetry Hate Racism 2010

organised by Di-Verse*
(*Di-Verse (Poets against Racism) was established by a group of local writers and poets in Belfast in 2007 to co-ordinate the international event Love Poetry Hate Racism – also known as Celebrate Diversity through poetry, music and the spoken word – which now takes place annually in April in 60 cities around the globe)

Derry – 9pm Tuesday 27th, Sandinos,
Castlereagh – 7pm Wednesday 28th
, Castlereagh Council Offices (organised by Castlereagh Borough Council)


Belfast – 8pm Dark Horse (next to Duke of York), Thursday 29th of April
with Scream Blue Murmur, Raven, Venus Rollergirl, Tani, Wilson Magwere, and Dave Lordan

Celebrate Diversity through Music, Poetry and the Spoken Word

Love Poetry Hate Racism celebrates its fourth year with the unfortunate news that racism is on the rise. Around the world openly racist, anti immigrant, anti-Muslim and anti-semitic parties like the BNP are growing.

Some of these organisations are preying on the despair that accompanies the world-wide recession and using that despair to win elections like the Freedom Party in Holland or instigating violent racist attacks like the English Defence League in the UK.

In Belfast, once known as the race hate capital of Europe, last year saw weeks of concerted attacks on the Roma community eventually driving 100 families out of the city. We may even see the British National Party (BNP), a Hitler worshipping fascist party, aim to build their organisation locally.

As always, people who write, read or perform poetry or who are part of the arts generally have been part of organising against racism.

This year we are calling on poets, poetic writers, performance poets, rappers or spoken word artists to be part of Love Poetry Hate Racism  2010 (or Celebrate Diversity through Music, Poetry or the Spoken Word as it is also known) and to put on events during the period  April 20th through to May 20th as part of this year’s LPHR/Celebrate Diversity.

The general thrust of these events should be to support multiculturalism and to generally support the right of immigrants, migrant workers or refugees and asylum seekers to be free of racism, racist attacks and institutionalised racism. As in the past, if there are specific local issues that event organisers wish to highlight then they should feel free to do so.

These events can be undertaken in a number of ways. They can be regular events (open mics, monthly readings) which the organisers can attach to the International activities. People can put on special events, this year in Belfast there will be more than one LPHR event some supported and organised by local councils, or the events can be just a group of local poets getting together to celebrate the muliticultural, international aspect of poetry and poetic writing.

These events are co-ordinated through the LPHR Myspace site http://www.Myspace.com/lovepoetryhateracism

or by emailing the di-Verse (Poets against Racism) group which co-ordinates the information at the following email addresses


If you wish to be part of the events locally you can also call Chelley McLear on 07738221625 or Gordon Hewitt on 07747610097.