Minnesota Fringe Festival – Reviews:

Category: Writing and Poetry

“Do Not Miss This One!” by poetess extrarordinaire:
Five talented Irish poets have brought us an amazing spoken word performance. If you are a citizen of the world and have even one political bone in your body, you will love this.

“Fighting poetry” by Marvin Joel Rubin:
The show is poetry, and just as much theater. We are taken on a journey, by a cast whose words, come from their life’s experience. They know what a terrorist bomb can do to people’s lifes, from more than just reading. They take on war, racism, and problems between sexes, with not only strong politics, humor as well. The cast is very approachable. In addition they have poetry books for sale. It is I believe, the most underrated show in The Fringe. Even with the heavy topics, it’s fun. Run, don’t walk to the next show.

“See this see this see this” by Brian O’Neal:
YES. This was wonderful. Great poems. Great poets. Passionate. Articulate. Unflinching. They got under my skin, then caressed it. Shamed me and shored me up. A wonderful opportunity to see some really fantastic work.

“All I need now is a hug.” by Paula Nancarrow:
Here’s what I like about the Fringe Festival. Well, one of the things. I met two of these poets with some friends after seeing “1967” on Sunday; we went to get a beer between shows; we talked about the race riots here, and the start of the Troubles in Belfast, and whether the timing was similar. We talked about poverty, and immigration, and the limitations of the slam format. When we were done, my neighborhood was larger and I had another show I needed to see. And this is something you must see, and hear, to appreciate. Just a few highlights. Both “Play for Now” and “Saving Souls for Leopold” make stunning use of the screen; the full horror of colonial brutality in the Congo overwhelmed me. No one taught me this in school; I did not see these pictures in my World History textbook, which only gave me one chapter out of twenty-seven on Africa. All of Africa. “Vladimir’s Oranges” moved me deeply, and the duet pieces “He Loves Poetry” and “Arrogant, Late or Drunk” are as beautiful in performance as they are unreadable on the page. My favorite: “Not Thinking Tantrically,” which contained a hermetically sealed, secret message, intended Just for Me. Thanks, guys.

“Pure Poetry” by Tim Voss:
This production is a cool soaking rain in a drought. Well crafted poems with vivid messages and images. Delivery is simple and direct from one heart to another. These folks understand lanaguage and know how to use it. I hope they can come back next year. Many thanks.

Loved this show!” by Susan Roberts:
But then I’m always taken by the Irish brogue and poetry. This covers both and more. Words are powerful and when spoken by this talented group, you’re swept up into the web of the private and not-so-private world of these people. I loved it so much that I purchased the book offered at the end of the show (all the poetry from the show). One line (quote word-for-word) has already been used in conversation – “Oh, he still looks like Brando, but just before he died.” Classic and quote worthy. Check out this group!

“Love words? See this show.” by Yvonne Healy:
Belfast? I rarely get to see performing art from there, so it was 1st on my go-see list. Clear, humorous, and insightful with the rhythm and themes of another world: kin to our Midwest with images of bad boyfriends, racism, yards of heavy drinking – oh, yeah, and war. Music in the spoken word. Audience response is encouraged: they often perform in bars.

“Bravo!” by M. Spicker:
Highly recommended. Profound, moving, humane. Extraordinary artists. The emotional impact/intensity I experienced with the performance of these five gifted poets, (Monday-8/6/7-10 pm), was similar to that experienced with a great symphonic or operatic work. Bravo!

“Riveting! Don’t miss it!!!” by Amy Hubbard:
Even if you don’t think you are a poetry lover you must see this. Beautifully written and presented this kaleidoscope of media, duets and solos will at turns make you laugh and leave you stunned.

“Powerful Word Portraits” by Rick Nielsen:
The power of the spoken word retains the ability the fascinate and engage. From various subject matter ranging from area codes to insensitive boyfriends to war, these extremely talented 5 young poetic wordsmiths from Belfast practice their virtuoso craft. If the idea of traveling poets seems improbable here, this is what Fringe Festivals should do best-inspire people to renew feelings of excitement and discovery. These people deserve a wider audience-please give it to them!

“An amazing, wonderful show!” by Eric Herr:
Slam poetry meets Ireland? What could go wrong. This show is truly mesmerizing. I truly enjoyed listening to the lyrical words of the poets. A highlight is the duo poems (you’ll have to see it!) This show tells us about the war and the presence of the military, the peace process in Nortern Ireland, the hotness of Orlando Bloom and the hope for peace. This show will move you and you will not stop talking about it! Definitely in my top 5 Fringe shows of all time! Do not miss this show!

“!!***” by karl Cooper:
Bam, Bam! The Belfast poets take you around the world of war, bigotry and love, with zest. This show hops into your brain and lingers, I saw it on Saturday and it is still ruminating. Impressive stuff – a must see for wordsmiths and the rest of us.

“the universal and the specific” by Loren Niemi:
I’m a spoken word guy and these are my people – Northern Ireland outpost. This is good strong material, well crafted, well spoken, with robust language not shackled in hip-hop cadence, strong images, universal and specific themes of war, peace, love and dickhead boyfriends. If I have any complaint it of wanting more of the specific; more of the ideosyncratic gritty lilting images and turns of phrase that give a sense of Belfast and Derry, invoking time, place. culture that these talented poets have provided with the helpful glossary that comes with the program. Good stuff! Go see it!!!

“poets invade mpls” by steve legas:
I think you must be blocked if you`ve not seen this show. Poets from Belfast with souls of hip-hop and truth. Do not be afraid of poetry folks. They dont back down from the truth and that makes em great to hear. Grab your muckers and head to the Red Eye for this show.

Minnesota Fringe Dates Confirmed

Yipee!! The Belfast Poets Tour Group have had confirmation of their dates in the Minnesota Fringe Festival.
We will be performing at the Red Eye Collaboration Theatre (15 14th St W) on
Saturday 4th August 7pm
Monday 6th August 10pm
Wednesday 8th August 5.30pm
Thursday 9th August 5.30pm
Sunday 12th August 2.30pm
if you’re in the area come along and catch a poetic theatrical experience you won’t want to miss!