Irish Left Review Interview

Check out Dave Lordan’s interview with Scream Blue Murmur which is online now :

You also get two exclusive tracks from our new show Something’s Gone Wrong in the Dreamhouse.

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MN Fringe 09 details

Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Ave S

Fri July 31 – 7pm
Sun Aug 2nd – 10pm
Thur Aug 6th – 7pm
Sat, Aug 8th – 1pm
Sun Aug 9th – 7pm

Five international performance poets, living in Northern Ireland, who rocked the MN Fringe Festival with their show “Pack Up Yer Troubles” in 2007 are returning with their new show tackling the legacy of ‘68, the year of civil rights, riots, revolution, sexual freedom and women’s liberation.

Touching on events which shaped modern living and influence the personal and political for every man, woman and child in the western world, then fused into sound using spoken word, chants, beats and music after being put through the Scream Blue Murmur blender, this show is hard hitting yet humorous, political yet personal.

Five poets took the subject and read, researched, got angry, sad and motivated and produced a month’s worth of material.  Many late nights followed and poems were in and out of the show. The group ate and slept ’68 for months until eventually the notebooks became performance.

They say

“It takes just as long to select the work and to put it in the right order as it does to write the material.  We want the audience to slip seamlessly from one poem to the next.  It makes the unexpected jolts all the more effective!”

Scream Blue Murmur formed in 2006.  They have toured Australasia, the USA, Asia and Ireland.  In 2007 they stunned audiences at the fringe and were the only show to receive 5 stars on every audience review.

The five poets, though all resident in N.Ireland for many years, originate from Belfast, Derry, London, New York and somewhere in the wilds of Scotland.