Last Chance to Dance

On Sunday July 1st, a fundraiser for My First Recorder Studios will take place at Auntie Annies featuring Robert Holmes, Dan Bardon aka Nature Studies, Scream Blue Murmur, The Tribe and Colm McIntyre from Concrete Circus, all of whom have worked closely with Simon Mateer from My First Recorder Studios.

 MFR Recordings is a Belfast based recording studio founded by Simon, who works tirelessly to offer prime recording facilities for the cheapest rates possible. Simon is a musician, producer and engineer as well as being a supporter of local musicians. He is also responsible, along with Dan Bardon, for Skyliner, the most exciting musical event in Belfast at the moment.

Recently Simon’s studio was robbed, taking vital equipment and money needed to pay rent and bank loans.

MFR Recordings has already worked with local talent such as – Kasper Rosa, Farriers, Howlin Widow, Girls Names, Sea Pinks, Documenta Drone Pop, Gacys Threads, Tom McShane, Isobel Anderson, and more. It is an essential part of the Belfast music community.

Please show your support by coming along on July 1st. We are asking everyone to donate £5 to help make sure that Simon’s studio stays open and local musicians have a resource which allows them an avenue for regular recorded output.

Skyliner (no.2)

So tonight Skyliner (no.2) happens and I for one am pretty excited. I didn’t write anything about Skyliner (no.1) and I probably really should have…..except I’m not really quite sure what could be said about it. The thing I think about the Skyliner events is that they really need to be ‘felt’ rather than described……experienced rather than be retold.

To me it’s how I imagine walking into Andy Warhol’s Factory in the 60’s would feel like. No one owned the room, everyone had a piece of it. There are some places you walk into and you’re very clear about who are the top dogs – the SpiceBoys or Barbie Girls own it, this place is owned by punks, that one by hipsters but at Skyliner everyone owns it, every one moves to the beat and everyone is responsible for creating the vibe. I can’t wait to see what tonights vibe brings. I can’t wait to listen to the clash of tunes and cultures, outfits and view points that it brings. Lastly I’m looking forward to being able not to explain it to you properly tomorrow. Hope that’s ok with you.

If you’re at all interested in being able to experience this for yourself, check out the details here: