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Response to the Guardian newspaper blog/rant about Love Poetry Hate Racism
Today we at Love Poetry Hate Racism were alerted to a Guardian newspaper blog about our “misguided” attitude to poetry and politics
You can read the blog and some very interesting responses to it at:

if you’d like to comment you can do so by visiting the blog and leaving your thoughts on their page, or by leaving a comment directly on the page or even better organise an event in your locality and lets really make April 20-22 a weekend to remember!!

Love Poetry Hate Racism – International Weekend

International Weekend of the celebration of diversity through poetry

20th-22nd of April, 2007

Initiated from Belfast, Northern Ireland by the BelfastPoets Touring Group

Belfast Event
8pm Friday 20th April
Crescent Arts Centre

A few weeks ago we, the Belfast Poets Touring Group, initiated a call for an international day of the celebration of diversity through poetry. We asked people to put on a poetry event on that day and in tandem with cities all around the world and be part of an event which would play a part in combating racism.

We now have nearly 30 cities on board but what we have found is that many people could not host an event that particular day but could throughout that weekend, so we are extending the event over the whole weekend, from Friday April 20th to Sunday April 22nd.

What we are asking people to do is to put on an event in your locality (not as some have thought come to Belfast).
We want this to be whatever you think appropriate, a poetry reading , slam event, open mic night it really doesn’t matter. It could even be just a group of people who love poetry reading their favourite poems, just as long as the event is entitled Love Poetry Hate Racism then we can include it on the lists of international events.

The reasoning behind the calling of this event is that Belfast in particular and Northern Ireland in general has been described as “the race hate capital of Europe,” and it is true that many racist attacks and racist acts have taken place here. But what is also true is that there has been a widespread campaign against racism and that has taken root in many communities.

We believe as poets we should be part of the offensive against racism given that poetry is practised world-wide and that at its heart is the self expression of people wherever they come from. We also recognise that poetry crosses all manner of boundaries, from language to cultural differences, to find common cause.

When we were touring Australia we performed alongside poets from many different countries and cultural backgrounds and learnt from all of them. We have been affected in the way we approach our writing through that experience.

If you would like to be part of this event please let us know all the necessary details as soon as possible.

For more information, general queries or advice please do not hesitate to contact us: – or –