Skyliner (no.2)

So tonight Skyliner (no.2) happens and I for one am pretty excited. I didn’t write anything about Skyliner (no.1) and I probably really should have…..except I’m not really quite sure what could be said about it. The thing I think about the Skyliner events is that they really need to be ‘felt’ rather than described……experienced rather than be retold.

To me it’s how I imagine walking into Andy Warhol’s Factory in the 60’s would feel like. No one owned the room, everyone had a piece of it. There are some places you walk into and you’re very clear about who are the top dogs – the SpiceBoys or Barbie Girls own it, this place is owned by punks, that one by hipsters but at Skyliner everyone owns it, every one moves to the beat and everyone is responsible for creating the vibe. I can’t wait to see what tonights vibe brings. I can’t wait to listen to the clash of tunes and cultures, outfits and view points that it brings. Lastly I’m looking forward to being able not to explain it to you properly tomorrow. Hope that’s ok with you.

If you’re at all interested in being able to experience this for yourself, check out the details here:

Gil Scott-Heron Tribute Night Review

I would like to send a heartfelt thanks to all those who came to join in the Gil Scott-Heron Tribute night last night at the Crescent Arts Centre. I felt it was the perfect end to a beautiful sunny weekend.
We started the evening by watching a film called the Godfather of Rap about the life of Gil Scott-Heron. It was one I’d never seen before but I thoroughly enjoyed it and would encourage anyone who has a passing interest in poetry, politics or rap to check it out. It was interesting to see the breadth of people who have been influenced by Scott-Heron and his work, from traditional poets to better known rap artists. I was fascinated by the list of people that Scott-Heron drew his inspiration from and this has given me a whole new set of artists and tunes that I am looking forward to finding out more about. I also was surprised to find out that Scott-Heron wrote two novels; The Vulture and The Nigger Factory both of which are now on my must read list for my upcoming holiday.
Ezekial Johnson read some of Scott-Heron’s poetry including Whitey on the Moon and The Revolution will not be Televised. He also read some of his own pieces. You couldn’t hear a pin drop in the room and there was something spine chilling about listening to a poet from Ghana putting his own inflection and stamp on works by Scott-Heron. It was a new experience to hear them stripped down and raw and without any musical backing it added huge weight to the words. It has made me want to re-listen to every track I’ve ever heard.
After that it was Scream’s turn and from my point of view our set flew by in a heartbeat. But I guess it’s always that way. It’s been so much fun for me to get back into performing with the group, after having a wee break to complete my Masters. I’m loving the whole band vibe that’s going on at the minute. It really makes me wanna boogie when Pearce lets rip on the drum kit, Keith gets the bass funk going and then Peter and Clare have the double sax blasting. I also enjoyed helping Lyndsay drum on one of our new tracks called Slipways….I’m not sure I was always in time but sure at least I had fun!
Thanks also to Simon Mateer from My First Recorder for an amazing DJ set and to Joe Lindsay who provided end of evening vibes.
This event was supported by Belfast City Council and as always we are grateful to them for this.