NaPoWriMo #24

Prompt: Words buried within words. Put your name into a word generator and see what comes out. One of the versions from my full name was: Craggedly Horrid Inabilities, which was hilarious and I thought made a good title for a piece.

Craggedly Horrid Inabilities

All we hear, all day long

An ever-ending stream

Of insults

Sheepishly accepted

No chain of evidence

The puppet strings of command

A nightmare flash of eyes

Scuffed black, above

thick rimmed glasses

Tongue strangled by fluency

And a fug.

NaPoWrimo # 22

Prompt: Celebrate Earth Day by writing something on that theme.

I took a line from Mario Benedetti’s poem Todavía. He is a poet from Uruguay and I had never heard of him til this weekend but in the Spanish-speaking world he was considered one of Latin America’s most important 20th-century writers.

The line is “la noche es un puñado 
de estrellas y de alegría” which roughly translates as “Night is a handful of stars and joy” which I think is beautiful.

I content myself with a smile so wide

I scare the magpies

They scatter from the fence

And all day stay above


Two for joy, two for joy

Don’t tell me I can’t wait

That I can’t throw my desire to the four winds

Watch it scatter,

One for sorrow, two for joy

Don’t tell me I can’t wait for the clean linen

My own is drying on the line

Not yet ready to be done with the playful sun

Don’t tell me I shouldn’t wait

While you drag the corpse of a once mediocre passion

Round your hips in the whiskied hours of the morning.

But I

I will wait,

Planted firm in the soil,

I will wait until all breaks and

Night is a handful of stars and joy