Soon we start over…

There’s one of those ‘inspirational’ pictures that does the rounds on Facebook and Pinterest that goes something like: “If he wants to call, he’ll call. If they want to be part of your life they’ll show you.”

And I think about that often especially since I live abroad. And I know that I am very lucky. I’m so lucky because my heart misses people in far-flung places and by some miracle they miss me too and we have weird and wonderful conversations about what we’ll do when we’re next together. We update each other on the big things and small things, on the things we’ve seen that remind us of each other and the things we experience that make us wish we were standing together. I love our ridiculous plans and the fact that our conversations span time zones and broken wifi connections. I love how we can pick up after a week or a month like it’s been no time at all.

If you are one of those people then thank you so much for brightening my life in 2014. My world is richer with you in it and I am grateful every day for your presence. If you are not one of those people then we have a choice. You can jump on this bandwagon and join this tribe of wonderful people and actually BE part of my life.

Or we can face facts and sever all ties because life is too short for connections that don’t function as they should, especially in this digital age.

2015 is upon us, so lets start as we mean to go on. Happy New Year people. Let’s do something awesome, shall we?


Just Be Awesome


Week Nine: Resolution Time

So it’s that time of year again, when I reassess and revaluate all that has come before and begin to make plans for all that I’d love to achieve in the next year.

I used to be quite indecisive when I was younger and sometimes I have a strong streak of that in me still but as I’ve got older I’ve formed a clearer picture in my mind of how I would love my life to be. Because I’ve made a big life shift in the last few months I have already spent time thinking about what it is I really want out of life, so that has made it easier to sharpen up the details. Obviously I’m not gonna share my resolutions with you but I can tell you that they are a mixture of huge and small things. I also don’t think of them as tasks to be accomplished by a certain date. I look at them more as things I’m gonna be aware of in the next year and things that I am going to consciously push towards making happen.

I’ve also decided to take a more productive step in celebrating the good things that happen. I saw this jar idea on pintrest and it’s one way of physically celebrating all the amazing thing that happen in your life.



All you have to do is get an empty jar and everytime something good/amazing/wonderful/funny happens, write it on a piece of paper and pop it in the jar. When next New Years Eve comes round, spill the jar open and enjoy reliving all the fab things that happened this year. It will help to build positive thoughts for the next year.

I’m normally really good at counting my blessings but I thought this would add some extra punch to it at the end of the year.


I thought I’d put up a few websites that I enjoy popping in to from time to time. I’m not for one minute suggesting that these will work for you but it’s good to have some signposts while you’re floating around in a sea of change.


For inspiration talks on a myriad of subjects I love It is like a rabbit hole of wonderment. I usually watch things on creativity and education but I know that there’s a whole world of information there when I am ready to access it.


I love the purposefairy website and always find something inspirational there. I really like this article on making a change for 1013:


I’ve not used the tapping technique but I think it is an interesting idea:


I love the SpiritJunkie movement and the Her Future website, which is a powerful, social network tool for women only. There are inspirational blogs and chat rooms to visit when you need a little boost and you’re nowhere near your own support network.


I get the newsletter from this site sent to my email and I enjoy dipping into it and reading all the interesting articles.


For powerful and inspirational politics I follow Michael Moore I’ve said it before he’s a voice of reason in a world of crazy.


I love the pinterest website. I’ve created a few boards of my own and I use it as a digital vision board, pretty much cos I’m too lazy to make an actual vision board!


And then of course there is The Secret – ask, believe and receive.


Enjoy wandering and discovering. Don’t take everything to heart but do as I do and take what bits apply to you and disregard the rest.


And remember:



p.s Still reading How To Be Good by Nick Hornby