NaPoWriMo #16

Prompt: Write a “translation” of a poem in a language you don’t actually know. Go to the Poetry International Language List, pick a language, and then follow it to a poet and a poem….and have fun


Poczułem się jakby ktoś wszedł

bezgłośnie, ale przez skrzypiące drzwi.

Nie wstałem z miejsca, nie poszedłem sprawdzić,

chociaż po twarzy przemknął mi ten powiew

a drzwi skrzypnęły zaraz, jakby gość wychodził

bez słowa, bez wyjaśnień.

Perhaps he’ll enjoy eating weeds

Ripped fresh from earth, in the secret heat of dawn

I won’t worry for consequences, he, sprawled prone,

Choking and gasping for breath without power

I drawing subtle strength, from his withdrawal

Dying slowly, dying willingly.

Actual translation of the poem:


It felt as if someone came in

silently, but through a door that creaked.

I didn’t get up, didn’t go check

although a breeze moved across my face

and the door squeaked quickly as if the guest were leaving

without a word, without explanations.

NaPoWriMo #12

Prompt: Say all the things you never would in real life

(no surprise I deviated from this a little)

I guess

It would be easy to tell you

that you’re my favourite and

I love everything about you.

The words slide

free from my lips

ooze down you like honey.

It looks pretty at first

glistening and twinkling in the sunlight,

a butterfly perches on your ear,

and we laugh about the living art work you’ve become.

As day dips closed

the insects find their way home,

sneaking up on you

licking and sticking to your legs.

An army of ants

try to carry you home

to their nest, a prize.

Beetles crawl up your arm

and you are swarmed by bees,

you cannot open your mouth now

and the flies are blocking your nose,

only the whites of your eyes showing.

I’m sorry I said anything

I try to pick the words off your skin

but I cannot find them

hidden beneath your costume

I turn, close the door behind me

and wait for the exterminator.