The Morning After The Summer of Love ……

A performance Poetry Show about 1968: the year of revolt
Written and performed by Scream Blue Murmur
Formerly the Belfast Poets Touring Group
Nicholas Sarkozy wanted the year “liquidated” from history, Tony Blair wanted to put a halt to “the liberal consensus” and an end to “the 60’s mentality of rights without responsibility” and George Bush couldn’t remember much happening in 68, the year he graduated from Yale.
1968 was a year of upheaval and revolt. From the Tet Offensive through the French May and the Prague Spring, from the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy to the rise of Women’s Liberation and the Black Power salute at the Mexico Olympics, it was the year that shook society’s foundations from one end of the globe to the other.
It was the year of the launch of Apollo 6 and release of Barbarella, the year of Planet of the Apes and the French acquisition of the nuclear bomb. It was the year of the struggle for Civil Rights in Northern Ireland and the attacks on marchers in Duke Street in Derry.
In their third new show in two years, Scream Blue Murmur (formerly the Belfast Poets Touring Group) takes a look at 1968. Sometimes serious and sometimes irreverent, they cover events that made 68 a year to remember.
The Morning after the Summer of Love is poetry but not quite as you have seen it before with music, song, beat boxing, and even a bit of Hendrix’s rendition of his national anthem. The show also includes sound bites with people who remember ’68 first hand.

Scream Blue Murmur is especially happy to be premiering their new show in Belfast at the Linen Hall Library, on Tuesday May 27th, prior to a tour of New Zealand, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
The show will start at 7pm – there will be two 20-25 minute sections, a break and refreshments.

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