Scream Blue Murmur Winter Bulletin

Hi to all

Edmonton Festival
The big news is that we have been selected to play the Edmonton Fringe Festival with our new show (well it will be a show once we have written it) entitled
Something’s Wrong in the Dreamhouse
This show is based on the events of the 1930’s – from the Great Depression to the rise of Hitler and Stalin, to the New Deal in the US and the fight back by ordinary people in places like Minneapolis.

The Dustbowl years get a mention – not just as an incredible environmental disaster but also as a situation which precipitated the movement of hundreds of thousands of people from the mid west to California. And of course a myriad of other events will be covered in song, poetry and audience participation.

We are starting to prepare for this now and putting all the information through the Scream blender. Be warned – Be fearful.

Casebolt and Smith Tour
Casebolt and Smith are a dance duo who made a big impression at the Minneapolis Festival. We have now organised a tour for them taking in performances and showcases in Northern Ireland and Ireland. It is 50 per cent completed – just a few nails to hammer in – but we are confident that they will perform here in May 2010.

Check them out here –

Scream Developments
We have a few new people who are helping to fill out the Scream music side of things and should be touring with us soon enough – Brian Faloon (he was an original member of Stiff Little Fingers – see info here – – and Venus Rollergirl – our DJ/Producer – see info here –

Happy Holidays!

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