New Zealand

So yeah! we made it to New Zealand! We were picked up from the airport by Grant who has organised this tour for us and boy were we glad to see him. I think we were all exhausted. I hadn’t slept much on the plane and I don’t think anyone else had much either. We were driven to where we were staying which was in the suburb of Onehunga. We are staying in the meeting room of the Socialist Centre. We have the room to ourselves, a wee kitchen bit and showers, etc. It’s class. We are all kipped out on matresses on the floor. It reminds me of Melbourne on our first tour, when we sat up all night, getting to know one another and talking shite til all hours. Not much has changed. We’re still talking rubbish til all hours of the day and night. You’d think that five people who spent 24 hours a day would run out of things to say to one another? Not a chance! There’s never a moments peace. Thankfully!

9th July

We had a gig tonight at the comedy club in central Auckland. It was the Literati regular monthly night and it was great to see the locals in action. We had only a 15 minute slot in the open mic but we’re hoping that people who were there will come to our other gigs.

10th July

We did an afternoon gig at KFM Radio Lounge. Really cool venue with an amazing tea shop. My favourite was Angel Falls Mist, a really fruity sweet tea. So the gig went ok, a nice small crowd but really well received. We were then interviewed on KFM and have a lovely chat with Ramon the DJ. We’re hoping to see him and some of his creative writing group at future gigs.

11th July

Tonights gig was in Muddy Waters pub in Mercer. It was interesting to say the least. We got a lovely meal out of it though! We were just about to start our gig when a funeral party of 18 turned up no more interested in poetry than I am in flat shoes! They were quite rude and to say we felt a little demoralised would be an understatement. The people who were there to see the show though, really enjoyed it and spent time chatting about the performance and bought books and said they were going to spread the word and encourage others to come to our performances which is a positive thing.

12th July

I can laugh about last night now. I swear to god you couldn’t have written it any weirder than it was!

Today we’re off to gig in Auckland Art Gallery and then tonight we’re in Tom Forde’s Irish Pub so here’s hoping it goes better than last night!!

One thought on “New Zealand

  1. Martin Doherty July 17, 2008 / 12:37 pm

    For the funeral crowd …. you needed … deadpan delivery….


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